Kids enjoying the party


  • Live music show by the KangaMoose Rock Band
  • Interactive music session (sing-a-long + instruments - shakers, guitars, drums, boomwhackers)
  • Karaoke with the live band
  • Dancing
  • Party games (Parachute, Egg & Spoon Race, Limbo, Simon Says, Musical Statues)
  • Balloon Twisting
  • Disco lights and PA System
  • Affordable rates!
  • Singing, Dancing, Jamming FUN!

We bring all the music equipment needed to rock the socks off your kids! We have microphones & instruments for the kids so they can get involved and share in the joy of making great music!

We can even learn and play your child's favourite songs!

If you are interested in Kangamoose Music entertaining the children at your party or have any general questions please email Natalie or call 0406 332 046.


KangaMoose aims to offer affordable rates for our music classes, party entertainment and school holiday concerts.


Party Entertainment: $300 (Natalie + Guitarist) or $450 (Natalie + Guitarist + Drummer)


Amazing value for awesome entertainment!!! :-)